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PDPTA'09: July 15, 2009 Schedule

Last modified 2009-06-20 16:12

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6:45am - 5:00pm:  REGISTRATION (Second Floor, Conference Lobby: 1-5)

                  Chair: Prof. John A. Chandy, University of Connecticut, USA
                  July 15, 2009 (Wednesday); 08:00am - 10:20am
                  (LOCATION: Ballroom 3)

08:00 - 08:20am:  Data Parallel Three-Dimensional Cahn-Hilliard Field
                  Equation Simulation on GPUs with CUDA
                  D. P. Playne and K. A. Hawick
                  Massey University, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand

08:20 - 08:40am:  Interpreting Noisy Prose Using Heterogeneous Multi-Cores
                  Jerry Potter and Howard Jay Siegel
                  Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

08:40 - 09:00am:  A Scalable Hierarchical Parallelization Framework for
                  Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Multicore Clusters
                  Liu Peng, Manaschai Kunaseth, Hikmet Dursun, Ken-ichi Nomura,
                  Weiqiang Wang, Rajiv K. Kalia, Aiichiro Nakano, Priya Vashishta
                  University of Southern California, California, USA

09:00 - 09:20am:  Parallelisation of the Decision Based Network Optimisation Algorithms
                  Yuanzhou Ye, Graham Megson
                  University of Reading, UK & University of Westminster, London, UK

09:20 - 09:40am:  The Stable Conditions of a Task-Pair with Helper-Thread in CMP
                  Zhimin Gu, Ninghan Zheng, Yi Zhang, Changding Liu, Jie Tang, Yan Huang
                  Beijing Institute of Technology, P. R. China

09:40 - 10:00am:  Performance and Timing Measurements in a Beowulf Cluster Compute-Node
                  Damian Valles, David Williams and Patricia Nava
                  University of Texas at El Paso, USA

10:00 - 10:20am:  An Implementation of a Fault-Tolerant 2D Systolic Array on
                  FPGAs and Its Evaluation
                  Tadayoshi Horita and Itsuo Takanami
                  Polytechnic University, Japan

10:20 - 10:40am:  BREAK

                  Co-Chairs: Dr. John Wang* and Dr. Xiaolong Wu**
                  *Virginia Wesleyan College, USA
                  **California State University, Long Beach, California, USA
                  July 15, 2009 (Wednesday); 10:40am - 12:20pm
                  (LOCATION: Ballroom 3)

10:40 - 11:00am:  Quasi-Monte Carlo in the Parallel Computation of Invariant Measures
                  Z. Wang, H. Yang, J. Ding
                  Virginia Wesleyan College, USA & Virginia State University, USA &
                  University of S. Mississippi, USA

11:00 - 11:20am:  A Red-Black Gauss Seidel Parallel Algorithm for Solving Neumann
                  Boundary Elliptic PDEs
                  Huiqing Helen Yang and Zhifu Xie
                  Virginia State University, Virginia, USA

11:20 - 11:40am:  Novel Value Injection Learning Methods Which Make Multilayer
                  Neural Networks Multiple-Weight-and-Neuron-Fault Tolerant
                  Kazuhiro Nishimura, Tadayoshi Horita, Masato Otsu and Itsuo Takanami
                  Polytechnic University, Japan

11:40 - 12:00pm:  Verification of the Six Channel Quad Redundancy Management
                  Software with the Fault Tolerant Measurement Techniques of
                  Acoustic Spectrum of Satellite
                  H. S. Aravind, H. D. Maheshappa and Ranjan Moodithaya
                  REVA ITM, India & KTMD Division, National Aerospace Laboratories, India

12:00 - 12:20pm:  Implementing DCT Algorithms Using RapidMind on a PS3
                  Radhika Gummadi, Kathy J. Liszka, Dale H. Mugler
                  The University of Akron, USA

12:20 - 01:00pm:  LUNCH (On Your Own)

                  Co-Chairs: Prof. Jesus Carretero and Prof. J. Daniel Garcia
                  University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
                  July 15, 2009 (Wednesday); 01:00pm - 02:00pm
                  (LOCATION: Ballroom 3)

01:00 - 01:20pm:  Scheduling Workflows on a Cluster of Memory Managed
                  Multicore Machines
                  Hira K. Shrestha, Jason Madden, Nicolas Grounds, Matthew Martin,
                  Josh Zuech, John K. Antonio, Jeff Muehring, Jay Sachs,
                  Carlos Sanchez, Tom Stockdale
                  University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA &
                  RiskMetrics Group, Oklahoma, USA

01:20 - 01:40pm:  Parallel Consistency in Constraint Programming
                  Carl Christian Rolf, Krzysztof Kuchcinski
                  Lund University, Sweden

01:40 - 02:00pm:  An Efficient Deployment Strategy for Large Sets of Virtual Appliances
                  Rodriguez, Alejandra; Carretero, Jesus; Nunez, Alberto; Bergua, Borja;
                  Garcia, Felix; Garcia, Jose-Daniel
                  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

                  Chair: Dr. Kathy J. Liszka, The University of Akron, USA
                  July 15, 2009 (Wednesday); 02:00pm - 06:00pm
                  (LOCATION: Ballroom 3)

02:00 - 02:20pm:  Energy Efficient Reconfiguration of Real-Time Shared Disk Clusters
                  Haengrae Cho
                  Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea

02:20 - 02:40pm:  Performance Evaluation of Pre-Evaluation Functions in the
                  Collaborative Filtering Recommender System
                  Sang-Eon Park, Hee-Choon Lee, Seok-Jun Lee, Young-Jun Chung
                  Sangji University, Korea & Salisbury University, MD, USA &
                  Kangwon National University, Korea

02:40 - 03:00pm:  An Analysis of Parallel Programming Techniques for Data
                  Intensive Computation
                  Anuradharthi Thiruvenkata Ramani and John A. Chandy
                  University of Connecticut, USA

03:00 - 03:20pm:  BREAK

03:20 - 03:40pm:  Parallel Scheduling of DAGs with AND/OR Precedence Constraints
                  Wafaa A. El-Haweet, Ibrahim Abd El-Salam, Hanan H. El-Meligy
                  Alexandria University, Egypt

03:40 - 04:00pm:  Using RT-CORBA Scheduling Service And Prioritized Network
                  Traffic to Achieve End-to-End Predictability
                  Tarek Guesmi, Salem Hasnaoui and Houria Rezig
                  Ecole Nationale d'Inganieurs de Tunis (ENIT)

04:00 - 04:20pm:  Computer Cluster Scheduling Through Genetic Algorithms
                  Ainsley Joseph and Nelson L. Passos
                  Midwestern State University, Texas, USA

04:20 - 04:40pm:  An Adaptive Replication Algorithm in P2P File Systems With
                  Unreliable Nodes
                  Razvan Andonie, Luke Magill, James Schwing, Ben Sisson, Brandon Wysocki
                  Central Washington University, USA & Luke Magill, Intelius Inc., USA

04:40 - 05:00pm:  The Architecture of Visualization System Using Memory With
                  Memory-Side Gathering and CPUs With DMA-Type Memory Accessing
                  Noboru Tanabe, Manami Sasaki, Hironori Nakajo, Masami Takata & Kazuki Joe
                  Toshiba Corporation, Japan & Tokyo University of Agriculture and
                  Technology, Japan & Nara Women's University, Japan

05:00 - 05:20pm:  Interprocess Communication in Java
                  George C. Wells
                  Rhodes University, Grahamstown, 6140, South Africa

05:20 - 05:40pm:  A Computer Cluster for Tests of Parallel Programming Environments
                  Including Operating Systems
                  Tadayoshi Horita, Koichi Kitano and Koji Teramoto
                  Polytechnic University, Japan

05:40 - 06:00pm:  Implementation and Performance Analysis of a Live Linux Cluster
                  in a Dynamic Environment
                  Mohiuddin Ahmed, Abdelgadir Tageldin Abdelgadir,
                  Mohamad Marwan Hadid B. Mohamad Salim
                  International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

                  (Please see the lists at the begining of this booklet)

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