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EEE'09: July 13, 2009 Schedule

Last modified 2009-06-20 13:59

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6:30am - 5:00pm:  REGISTRATION (Second Floor, Conference Lobby: 1-5)

08:30 - 08:45am:  WORLDCOMP'09 Opening Remarks - July 13, Monday:
                  Prof. Hamid R. Arabnia (General Chair & Coordinator)
                  University of Georgia, Georgia, USA
                  (LOCATION: Lance Burton Theater)

08:45 - 09:40am:  Keynote Lecture - July 13, Monday:
                  Grid Computing
                  Prof. Ian Foster
                  Father of Grid Computing
                  Distinguished Professor of CS & Director, Computation
                  Institute, University of Chicago & Argonne National Lab.,
                  Illinois, USA
                  (LOCATION: Lance Burton Theater)

09:45 - 10:40am:  Keynote Lecture 2 - July 13, Monday:
                  Advanced Nanotechnology: Advanced Computing on the Critical Path
                  Dr. K. Eric Drexler
                  Father of Nanotechnology
                  Chief Technical Advisor, Nanorex
                  (LOCATION: Lance Burton Theater)

10:45 - 11:35am:  Keynote Lecture 3 - July 13, Monday:
                  Algorithm Design for Reconfigurable Computing Systems
                  Prof. Viktor K. Prasanna
                  Charles Lee Powell Chair in Engineering; Professor of ECE & CS;
                  Executive Director of USC-Infosys Center for Advanced Software
                  Technologies (CAST), University of Southern California, USA
                  (LOCATION: Lance Burton Theater)

11:40a - 12:30p:  Keynote Lecture 4 - July 13, Monday:
                  It's Like Deja-Vu All over Again ... Again
                  Dr. Jose L. Munoz
                  Deputy Director, National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of
                  Cyberinfrastructure (OCI) and NSF/ICI senior advisor.  Former
                  Director of Simulation & CS Office at the National Nuclear
                  Security Adm.'s Advanced Simulation & Computing (ASCI) program.
                  (LOCATION: Lance Burton Theater)

12:30 - 02:00pm:  LUNCH (On Your Own)

02:00 - 04:00pm:  During this period, EEE'09 attendees are encouraged to participate
                  in sessions belonging to ICAI'09, ICOMP'09, SWWS'09, SAM'09,
                  DMIN'09, IKE'09, or FECS'09.  These sessions discuss topics that
                  significantly overlap the scope of EEE'09.

                  Chairs: Dr. Su-chen Wang*, Dr. Tokuro Matsuo**, and Dr. Takayuki Fujimoto***
                  *National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan
                  **Yamagata University, Japan & ***Toyo University, Japan
                  July 13, 2009 (Monday); 04:00pm - 06:00pm
                  (LOCATION: Platinum Room)

04:00 - 04:20pm:  Enhancement of Learning Content Analysis and Presentation
                  Ching-Pao Chang, Yu-Fang Yeh
                  Kun Shan University, Taiwan, R.O.C. &
                  Aletheia University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

04:20 - 04:40pm:  Creating a Global Integrated Environment to Support Software
                  Engineering Teaching
                  Gregory Bourguin, Arnaud Lewandowski, Benedicte Talon, Dominique Leclet
                  LIL Universite, France & UPJV-MIS, France

04:40 - 05:00pm:  A Long Distance Tutoring System in Software Engineering Education
                  Tokuro Matsuo and Takayuki Fujimoto
                  Yamagata University, Japan & Tokyo University, Japan

05:00 - 05:20pm:  A Graphical Interface For Medical E-Learning
                  Liana Stanescu, Dumitru Burdescu, Gabriel Mihai,
                  Marius Brezovan, Cosmin Stoica Spahiu
                  University of Craiova, Romania

05:20 - 05:40pm:  On-Line Educational Environment for Developing Countries: Special
                  Emphasis on Promotion of Multiculturalism in Nicaragua
                  Guillermo Palacios, Raquel Lacuesta and Melania Munoz
                  University of Zaragoza, Spain & National Autonomous U. of Leon, Nicaragua

05:40 - 06:00pm:  Using the Familiar: How M-Learning (SMS Texting) Can Enhance
                  The Student Learning Experience
                  Evangelos Moustakas
                  Middlesex University in London, UK

                  (Please see the lists at the begining of this booklet)

                  July 13 - Monday
                  (LOCATION: Ballrooms 1-5)

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