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CSC'09: July 16, 2009 Schedule

Last modified 2009-06-20 13:54

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6:45am - 5:00pm:  REGISTRATION (Second Floor, Conference Lobby: 1-5)

                  Chairs: Dr. William W. Dai* and Prof. Metin Demiralp**
                  *Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
                  **Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
                  July 16, 2009 (Thursday); 08:00am - 10:40am
                  (LOCATION: Ballroom 1)

08:00 - 08:20am:  Multi-Dimensional High-Order Numerical Schemes for Lagrangian
                  William W. Dai, Paul R. Woodward, and B. Kevin Edgar
                  Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA &
                  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

08:20 - 08:40am:  Study on Convergence of Volterra Type Integral Equation by the
                  Whittaker Cardinal Expansion
                  Khosrow Maleknejad and Mahdiyeh Alizadeh
                  Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran &
                  Islamic Azad University of Kerman, Iran

08:40 - 09:00am:  Batch Spreadsheet for C Programmers
                  Richard Perry
                  Villanova University, USA

09:00 - 09:20am:  New Iterative Method for Multiple Roots
                  Yilian Zhang
                  University of South Carolina Aiken, USA

09:20 - 09:40am:  Computational Analysis of the Aeroelastic Behaviour of Wind-Turbine Blades
                  A. D. Otero, F. L. Ponta and L. I. Lago
                  Michigan Technological University, USA

09:40 - 10:00am:  Variant Newton's Method to Speed Up Solving Quasi-Three-Dimensional
                  Finite Element Model of Laser Reformation
                  Cheng-Wei Lin, Wei-Cheng Kuo, Feng-En Chen, and Eih-Zhe Liang
                  Diwan College of Management, Tainan, Tawan, R.O.C.

10:00 - 10:20am:  Numerical Simulations for Forest Wildfires
                  Edward J. Dai
                  Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

10:20 - 10:40am:  FREE SLOT

10:40 - 11:00am:  BREAK

                  Chair: Prof. Metin Demiralp, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
                  July 16, 2009 (Thursday); 11:00am - 03:20pm
                  (LOCATION: Ballroom 1)

11:00 - 11:20am:  Improving Random Walk Performance
                  Ilya Safro, Paul Hovland, Jaewook Shin, and Michelle Strout
                  Argonne National Laboratory, USA & Colorado State University, USA

11:20 - 11:40am:  Automatic Code Generation for Finite Element Methods Applied
                  to the Shallow-Water Equations
                  Van Thieu Vu, Gerard Cats, and Lex Wolters
                  Leiden University, The Netherlands &
                  Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, The Netherlands

11:40 - 12:00pm:  Simulating Flows Down Wavy Inclined Surfaces
                  J. P. Pascal and S. J. D. D'Alessio
                  Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada &
                  University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

12:00 - 12:20pm:  Collision Finding for Particles on Non-linear Paths
                  Mark C. Lewis
                  Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, USA

12:20 - 12:40pm:  Hierarchy Theory of Turbulent Mesoscale Vortices in the Lower Atmosphere
                  G.V. Jandieri, A. Ishimaru, V. G. Jandieri, Zh. M. Diasamidze,
                  K. V. Kotetishvili, T. N. Bzhalava, M. R. Diasamidze 
                  Georgian Technical University, Georgia &
                  University of Washington, USA & Kumamoto University, Japan

12:40 - 01:20pm:  LUNCH (On Your Own)

01:20 - 01:40pm:  Parallel Program Complex For 3D Simulation of Radiative Gas Flow
                  S. V. Polyakov, T. A. Kudryashova, A. A. Sverdlin, E. M. Kononov
                  Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

01:40 - 02:00pm:  A Parallel Biosequence Motif Discoverer Based on Dynamic
                  Programming and Adaptive Scheduling
                  Luis de la Torre and Jaime Seguel
                  University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

02:00 - 02:20pm:  Subdivision Depth Computation for Tensor Product Ternary
                  Volumetric Model
                  Ghulam Mustafa
                  The Islamia University of Bahawal pur, Pakistan

02:20 - 02:40pm:  Efficient Symplectic-Energy-Momentum Integration of Hamiltonian
                  Dynamical Systems
                  Yosi Shibberu
                  Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

02:40 - 03:00pm:  Projection Method for Solving System of Integral Equations
                  Khosrow Maleknejad, Kazem Nouri, Reza Mollapourasl
                  Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

03:00 - 03:20pm:  FREE SLOT

03:20 - 03:40pm:  BREAK

                  (There may be a number of no-shows in this category.)
                  Chair: Emre Tokgoz, University of Oklahoma, USA
                  July 16, 2009 (Thursday); 03:40pm - 06:00pm
                  (LOCATION: Ballroom 1)

03:40 - 04:00pm:  Markov Based Mathematical Model of the Fetal Circulation and Analysis
                  Sarwan Kumar, Sneh Anand, Amitsen Gupta
                  IIT DELHI, India

04:00 - 04:20pm:  On the Structure of Orthogonal Skew-Symmetric Matrices
                  S. Lakshmivarahan and Emre Tokgoz
                  University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA

04:20 - 04:40pm:  An Extended Software Architecture for Visualization 
                  P. Kiran Kumar
                  JNTU, India

04:40 - 05:00pm:  Symbolic Scientific Computation for Feedback Control Laws
                  through Backstepping 
                  Chen-Han Sung
                  Texas A & M International University, Texas, USA

05:00 - 05:20pm:  Evaluating The Performance of Edge Detection Techniques
                  Abdel Karim M. Baareh, Ahmad M. Smadi, Khaled Freihat & Ahmad Al-Jarrah
                  Al-Balqa Applied University Ajlune College, Jordan

05:20 - 05:40pm:  FREE SLOT

05:40 - 06:00pm:  FREE SLOT

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